Beauty And The Beast Party

unnamed-27 After watching the new Beauty And The Beast live action film, my daughter knew exactly what type of birthday party she wanted this year!  Because my daughter was turning nine, she wanted to have a more mature spin on the classic movie.  We brainstormed a few ideas together and then got to crafting, thank fully I was able to find a Tiny tower diy playhouse for sale so the kids had lots of fun! unnamed-43 unnamed-41 We had two main focal points to this party.  The food table and then the dining table.   We quickly realized that pre-made “Live Action Beauty And The Beast” decor did not exist.  In order to create the more mature look from the new movie, we were going to have to get creative. This party involved A LOT of crafting since everything had to be made from scratch.  Thankfully my daughter loves crafting projects so it was something fun for us to work on together.   I decided that we would try to use the food as the main decorative element to achieve our theme. I also looked for a bouncy castle hire meath that would serve as the Beast’s Castle and to keep the childre entertained. We decided to stick with a mostly red and gold colour scheme. unnamed-25 unnamed-24 I found these cute red paper bags that were perfect little chip bags.  Salt and Vinegar chips are my daughter’s favourite, so we filled these bags with those.  I printed off the BATB logo and glued it to the front.  I also found these cute mini roses from the dollar store that I glued to the bags as well.  They turned out so cute! unnamed-23 A friend of mine owns a cupcake shop so she made these adorable cupcakes and cake pops for the party!  They were so beautiful we didn’t even want to eat them! unnamed-22 unnamed-20 I went digging through my cabinets for my cookie cutter box and found this princess dress cutter.  I made my grandmother’s shortbread cookie recipe (which my daughter loves) and iced the cookies to look like Belle’s dress.  This is a simple way to make a regular cookie cutter more suited to your theme. unnamed-21 Chocolate covered strawberries are one of my daughter’s favourite treats so we knew we had to include them somehow.  We bought some gold chocolate melts to add a little BATB flair!  unnamed-19 If you’ve ever been to the Beast’s Castle restaurant in Disney, you will know that they have “The Grey Stuff” on the menu.  It is soooo yummy!  My daughter had a special request to include this iconic dessert somehow.  I started Googling and low and behold, I found the actual recipe for “The Grey Stuff” that they use in Disney.  It really was delicious! You can find the recipe here:
Try This Recipe for The Grey Stuff – It’s Delicious! #BeOurGuest
unnamed-38 These cute little “Grey Stuff” tags are actually the graphic from the plates they serve the dessert on in Disney.  I found them on Google, shrunk them down to size and then cut and glued them to toothpicks to stick in the desert.   These fun little details helped to bring the theme to life. unnamed-39 The last decorative food element we used was the cake.  The cake was the focal point of the table and turned out really pretty. unnamed-35 unnamed-36 Another easy decorative touch we added to the food table were these framed photos.  I printed off a few photos from the Live Action BATB movie and then framed them in dollar store frames.  The frames were black and white so I sprayed them with rose gold spray paint. unnamed-46 The final decorative touch I’ll mention is the wall of “roses”.  I was walking through (where else?!)  the clearance section at Michael’s again and I saw these square bunches of flowers on sale for super cheap.  I thought about how stunning they would be if you could fasten a few of them together.  You could make a wall of flowers which would be a stunning way to create a backdrop.  The only problem was, there were no roses and there weren’t even red flowers.  It seemed like they had every colour of flower EXCEPT red!  I stood in the aisle looking at those flowers and wondered how they would look spray painted.  They were such a cheap price I bought 4 squares of white (I thought white would be the easiest to spray), a can of red paint and decided to go home and try it out!  After all, they were such a deal that if they didn’t work out, I wouldn’t have wasted much money.  I could not have been more pleased with the final result!  I think they turned out beautifully, and once they were painted they totally looked like they could be roses.  I think the flower wall turned out to the perfect thing to add a little “wow factor” to the back drop.                                 Now let’s talk about the dining table set-up!  My daughter was hoping for a ball room/castle feel.  We tried to transform the table into something fit for royalty. unnamed-17 Thankfully my daughter had talked about this party months before her birthday so it gave me time to keep my eye out for things we could use. I found these beautiful gold plates on the clearance table at Hobby Lobby and they were just perfect! unnamed-29 I knew that a fancy candle holder needed to be the centrepiece to this table design- a little nod to Lumiere.  I found this little guy at a thrift store for $4.  I bought some rose gold spray paint and gave it a little face lift.  I was also lucky enough to find these rose bunches on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $2.50 each! (SUCH an amazing deal!)   I bought every one they had!   unnamed-45 I needed vases for the roses so I headed to the dollar store again!  I found these glass vases but wanted to “bling” them up a little.  I brushed the inside with Modge Podge and then sprinkled them with gold sparkles.  Once they were dry they looked beautiful and were the perfect addition to the table! unnamed-18 Another thrift store find was an old french book.  I ripped out some of the pages and glued them together to make this table runner. My daughter really wanted to watch the movie during the party but it wasn’t released to video in time.  We had to come up with some other activities for the kids to do instead.  The first thing they did was this adorable rose glass craft.  As I was scanning the clearance area at Michael’s before the party,  I found these little mini dessert domes. (As you can probably tell, I typically head straight for the clearance section when I’m trying to put on a party!  You can usually find something that will work for really inexpensive)  I looked to Pinterest to find a “how to” for making paper roses. Each of the girls made a paper rose and then glued it in the dome.  They turned out super cute and the girls loved making these. unnamed-31 unnamed-30 I found these free Live Action BATB colouring sheets online.  The girls loved these sophisticated colouring pages. unnamed-40 The last activity we did was a fun little game.  We bought these french hard cover novels from the thrift store and the girls did a race.  They were split into two teams.  Each girl had to walk balancing the book on her head to a rose that was placed on the ground.  She had to bend down and pick up the rose and make it back to the start of the line without dropping the book!  This game was quite challenging and the girls had a blast playing it! unnamed-32 For party favours we made these little gold bags for each guest.  At the end of the party, they each got their rose dome and colouring sheet in their bag as well as a beautiful hand-held mirror we found at the dollar store. unnamed-33 unnamed-34 I think my daughter and I had just as much fun preparing for this party as we had at the actual party!  Have you watched the new BATB movie?  What did you think? XO, Pam
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  1. I guess there was a little Alice in wonderland in there too since you ” painted the roses red” I love the creativity you have !! Amazing !

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