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It’s no secret that I love birthday’s and I love to celebrate.  My baby boy’s fifth birthday was fast approaching and he knew exactly what kind of birthday party he wanted: A bowling party!  I got right on the phone and called my local bowling alley to reserve their party room!  This year’s party was going to be a piece of cake!  (literally 😉 )

A week before the party we experienced an unforeseen hiccup.  My son fell and broke his shoulder.  The doctor put his arm in a sling and then explained that he could not do any heavy lifting for the next 6 weeks.  This meant no bowling party…or so I thought.  To say my son was disappointed would be an under statement.  I tried to entice him with other fun party themes from his favourite shows and movies.  None of it worked.  He was crushed.

Perhaps the bowling party was not off the table yet!  Just because we couldn’t actually go to a bowling alley, didn’t mean he still couldn’t have a bowling party!  I got to work planning a bowling party with games and activities that did not involve heavy lifting.  It was actually easier than I thought it would be and turned out to be a blast!  Here is what our “at home” bowling birthday party looked like!


I decided to play up the red and white colours of bowling pins and add in my son’s favourite colour blue.  I purchased black party plates, and round white label stickers at my local dollarstore to make the bowling ball backdrop.  I made the banner using my cricut machine.  (If you do not know what a Cricut machine is check it out by clicking here:  They are amazing and a MUST HAVE for avid party planers!) I loved making this backdrop because it had two of my favourite elements!  It was CHEAP and EASY!  And it looked awesome!


I didn’t have much luck finding bowling themed supplies at my local party store so I hoped online!  I was pleasantly surprised by the extensive selection that amazon offered.  There were so many cute and super affordable options!  Let’s take a look at my awesome amazon haul!

First,   I chose these bowling pin water bottles for the kid’s drinks.  I usually like to purchase juice boxes or something a little “spill proof” so these were perfect!  As a bonus each child was able  to take one home, which they LOVED!



Another great find was this jumbo inflatable bowling set!  This was the highlight of the party for sure!  My son was able to actually bowl without using a heavy bowling ball.



I also found this cute bowling pin chocolate sucker mould on amazon for $2!  I have never actually used chocolate moulds before but it was so easy and I loved the way they turned out!  The entire time I was making them I kept thinking “why have I never done this before?!”  I will DEFINITELY be making these again!


I used an adorable bowling pin cookie cutter I found- where else- on Amazon for $1.29 to make these cookies and the rice krispie treats!  The kids loved these!



My final amazon finds were the party favours.  I purchased wooden watches as gifts, at Michaels and printed off “thank you” labels for them.  Each of the bags contained the child’s drink bottle, bowling suckers, a bowling pin, a minim bowling set and little bowling pen!  The favour bags turned out to be really fun!



Once I had most of my supplies ordered, I realized that I was going to need to get creative with games and activities for the kids during the party.  The jumbo bowling game was fun , but it wasn’t going to entertain the kids for two hours!  I scoured the web for bowling themed games but came up pretty empty.  I realized that most people just go to a bowling alley for bowling parties (duh!) so I was pretty much on my own with the games.  I kept it simple but came up with a few super fun activities that the kids loved!

We started the party by reading this book:  Curious George goes bowling.  Often when kids arrive at parties they are all so excited that things can quickly become chaotic!  I decided to start the party by containing all of the excitement and getting the kids to sit quietly for a few minutes before we started the games.  Kids seem to love story time and this was a really cute little book.



The first game we played was the Giant Bowling!  I cleared out my dinning room and transformed it into a mini bowling alley.  Needless to say this was a huge hit!  The Kids LOVED this one!  It was actually hard to move on to the next game! They didn’t want to stop!



The next game we played was Bowling Ringtoss.  This game was super basic but the kids had a blast playing it!  I purchased this bowling set and then just used plastic rings I had from another game.  Cheap. Easy. Fun!


The final game we played was The Rice Game.  I printed off mini bowling pins with different numbers on each pin.  I hid the bowling pins in the rice and then each child took a turn “finding” a pin in the rice.  We added up the point value from all of the pins they collected and the child with the most points at the end of the game was the “winner”.


The party that I was initially so unsure of turned out be one of the funnest parties yet!  In the word’s of my five year old, “Best Party Ever!”  Who needs a bowling alley anyways!  🙂 But we also planned out a good bowling alley session for the adults with urethane bowling balls the coming weekend. My son has already declared that he is having another bowling birthday next year!


I love setting aside this time on my kid’s birthday to make them feel really special!

What special birthday traditions do you have?

XO, Pam

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  1. Us mom has to be doctors, toys fixer and now party/event planner. This is awesome. I have never seen this theme before and you pulled it together well. good for you!

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