“Fat-So” on the loose!

In the spirit of “Throwback Thursday”  I thought I would re-post an old blog article.  I’m in my kitchen this morning working on my meal plans and really needed this reminder!  I hope it’s encouraging for you too!


Tonight after I put the kids to sleep I went out for a quick run. I usually stay on the quieter back roads because I feel silly running and am a little self conscious.  Running makes you very aware of all that jingles and wiggles!  But tonight, it was starting to get dark and I thought it would be a better idea to stay on the main busy road. “I’m being ridiculous” I thought. “I’m sure I don’t look half as awkward as I feel. It’ll be fine”.


I was nearing the end of the quiet side street I was on and confidently made a turn onto the main road. I was running for literally 30 seconds when a pickup truck full of college aged boys drove past and yelled “run faster fat-so” out the window.

I started to laugh.  I was laughing and I couldn’t stop. I wasn’t quite sure why I was laughing.  It was partly out of shock that people really are that rude, and partly out of embarrassment.


As I finished the rest of my run, I started thinking about how hard this past 6 months has been. It’s been different than I thought it would be. I was always looking for a health or diet plan that was “easy” and would “fit into my current life”. Isn’t that so funny, if you really think about it? My current lifestyle choices regarding time, priorities, focus, etc. are what got me into this mess in the first place! Yet, I somehow thought that was the “only way” I would be able to stick with something. But, do you know what?….I’ve (finally) realized that in order to get healthy I need BIG changes. I needed to shake up my current routine and do things totally different. I think that deep down everyone who shares this battle knows that’s what they need to do, but the thought of that can be very overwhelming.


When people say to me, (and I hear this a lot) “it’s just too overwhelming. I don’t even know where to start” they are talking more about how to change their daily routine.  Learning to change our routine is much more difficult than learning a clean eating or fitness plan by using the best testosterone boosters.

I’ve had to make a lot of tough choices.  Each morning I wake up and purposefully focus on my goals and how to achieve them.

The truth is; it’s just plain HARD!

It’s hard to make food from scratch using new recipes and ingredients that I am unfamiliar with. It’s hard to squeeze the money for healthier groceries and gym memberships into my budget. It’s hard to try to coordinate times with my husband or babysitters so that I can go to the gym. It’s hard to motivate myself to go to the gym at the end of an exhausting day! It’s hard to go to parties and BBQ’s and have limited selections of things to eat and hear people poke fun about your new eating habits. It’s hard to say “no” to yourself when faced with your biggest temptations. It’s hard to get out there and work out and have college boys mocking you! ????

It is just HARD- but ‘HARD’ is not a reason to give up!

It actually takes a lot of INTENTIONAL focus, trying to make one good choice after the next. Don’t you find the most worthwhile things in life are the things you’ve worked the hardest for? I’ve had so many people tell me they just can’t make the switch to living like this because it’s too ‘hard’. I want to assure you, it’s hard for me too- but it’s also sooooo worth it! The best way to start is one little step at a time!

Why not try something like this:
Month 1- cut out all refined sugar (this is a tough one, but is probably the most important)
Month 2- Do 30 minutes of exercise 3 times a week
Month 3- Cut out all juices, coffee, pop, etc. and only drink water or herbal tea.
month 4- Try to make all of your meals “clean”

Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed! Make one change at a time! You CAN do it! You REALLY can!  I was so self conscious to run in public out of fear that I looked stupid.  And then my greatest running fear happened; I was made fun of  by a truck full of strangers!  But guess what?!  I made it!  I didn’t  crumble.  It didn’t ruin me.  I just kept right on running and when I finished I felt great!


I’m feeling really motivated to make today a GREAT day!  I’m going to focus on, and stick to my goals and I know you can do it too!



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2 thoughts on ““Fat-So” on the loose!

  1. I honestly needed this SO BAD today. The time literally could not have been better. I’ve been trying to eat healthier – one change at a time! I incorporate my fruits and veggies everyday, which is something I was not in the habit of before. But yesterday I ate a smaller lunch so I wouldn’t feel so bad about a mug cookie as a snack later in the day. My husband saw my dishes and teased me about it and I joked along.. until it suddenly felt like I needed to defend having a stupid little mug cookie and it wasn’t funny anymore. Needless to say, I got very insecure and am currently in a funk about it and felt like my husband was making digs at me (he wasn’t..). Kinda felt like he was calling ME fat-so! I misinterpreted, but can’t seem to shake the crummy feeling it left behind. This post was perfect. Thanks for reminding me that my changes and choices in this area don’t need to be defended to someone else. I know what I’m doing for myself and can rest in that confidence!

  2. Why is healthy eating so hard?! Why why why??? I have times where I am doing so great and am rocking it! (and I feel great) but then I can fall into a funk and it’s hard to get out! I totally know what you mean! I think we can feel defensive in those funk times because we aren’t feeling good about ourselves which makes us hyper sensitive to other peoples comments. I’m trying to just focus on making one good choice at a time. Good for you for adding in the extra fruits and veggies! It’s all those little changes bit by bit that will get results. I think many husbands have accidentally said the wrong thing at the wrong time when we’ve been feeling sensitive about our food choices! haha I’m so glad you felt encouraged by this Joy! Keep it up! You can do this! 🙂

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