Clean Chocolate Strawberry Pie


One of the things I love the most about the area where we live are the many farms and orchards close by!  On any given day in the summer you can drive by a roadside fruit stand and purchase fresh produce.  Nothing compares to the taste of fresh local fruit and I think berries top my list of favourites!

Every summer my kids and I look forward to picking our own summer berries!  It seems that every year we pick a little more and each year I think now THESE will last us a while! And, sure enough within a couple of days we have eaten all of the berries!  This year we may have gotten a wee bit carried away.  We Picked a LOT of strawberries.  I cleaned and froze most of them and now I’ve been carefully searching for recipes worthy of my fresh strawberry goodness!


I came across this recipe on Pinterest and it immediately caught my eye because it was made of my favourite combination: Chocolate and Strawberry!  I am an absolute sucker for any type of chocolate strawberry dessert!  Some husbands buy their wives flowers when they are in the dog house.  My husband stops by the Hershey store and buys me chocolate covered strawberries!  😉

The only problem with this recipe was that it wasn’t “clean”.  After doing a quick inventory of the ingredients I was pretty confident that I could clean up this recipe and turn it into a delicious healthy dessert!

The final result turned out to be amazing!!  If you like strawberries and chocolate, you will go crazy for this!!  This is the perfect dessert to bring to a summer BBQ!  This dessert will even satisfy your “non-clean eating” friends!  🙂



Strawberries- enough to cover the entire bottom of pie plate (Fresh is best.  Using frozen berries can make your pie a little runny)


4 TBSP Ghee (or butter)

3 TBSP Camino Chocolate chips (you will find these in the organic section of the grocery store)

1 Cup Almond flour


2 Tsp Stevia (you can also use honey or date butter approx 1/2 cup or to taste)

1/4 Cup cornstarch

4 TBSP Cocoa powder

1/4 Tsp Ginger

1/8 Tsp Nutmeg

Pinch Sea salt

6 Lg Egg yolks

3 Cups Canned coconut milk (approx 1 and 1/2 cans. Save your extra 1/2 can for a smoothie!) 🙂

1 Tsp Vanilla


Line round pie plate with parchment paper.

Place ghee and chocolate chips in double broiler and melt down.  Add in the almond flour with melted chocolate and mix.  Press mixture firmly into pie plate and freeze for about 30 minutes (until firm)

Layer the bottom of the pie crust with sliced strawberries.


In a heavy saucepan on med heat, whisk together coconut milk, stevia, cocoa powder, spices, salt.  Gradually whisk in egg yolks and then cornstarch  to form a thick paste.

* Watch very closely and be sure to whisk continually.  This burns very easily!**

Continue to cook on med/high heat until mixture boils for one minute.  Lastly add in the vanilla.  Let cool for 5 minutes whisking occasionally.

** Depending on how diligent you are with the whisking, you may find your filling looks a little chunky.  If so, blend it on high in a blender for a minute before pouring it into pie plate.**

Pour cooled filling over strawberries until level.  Chill until set- at least 2 hours – but overnight is best.

Top with coconut whipped cream or organic whipping cream made with the help of fast cream charger aka nangs delivery in Melbourne and extra sliced berries.


I love love love the way this pie turned out and my children devoured it!  This pie is light and fluffy and won’t make you feel “weighed down” on those hot summer days.


Do you have any delicious strawberry recipes?  I would love to hear them!

Let me know what you think of this one!

XO, Pam

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