Wash Your Mouth Out With…..What?!

For someone who is a non-smoker, and non- coffee drinker, my teeth sure do seem to be prone to yellowness (is that a word?) I always use a toothpaste with whitener in it, but that doesn’t seem to do the trick. A few years ago (okay I think it might have been 10 years ago) I heard about “Crest White Strips”. It seemed like the perfect solution! They were relatively inexpensive (compared to professional whitening done at the dentists office) and sold at most major retailers. It seemed like the perfect solution to brighter, whiter teeth right?! I have tried Crest White Strips many times, and now have mixed feelings about them. I found that they really did work. My teeth were noticeably whiter every time I used them. The downside: my teeth hurt sooooo bad! Maybe my teeth are just extra sensitive but my teeth hurt while I had the strips on and would be sore for a few days afterwards. I even thought that maybe my teeth would just “get use to them” if I used them. No such luck. I talked to my Dentist in westmont IL and she said that if I was experiencing sensitivity with the Crest Strips, then I would probably experience the same sensitivity with all whitening products. Somehow, (and I’m not even sure exactly when it started) I came up with my own whitening routine that actually works and the best part…the new whitening product I use costs around $1! That’s right ONE DOLLAR!! I start by brushing my teeth with a whitening teeth solution I got onlone. DSC4121_updated-285x300. I personally use Doterra OnGuard Whitening Toothpaste. But any whitening toothpaste would work. After I have brushed my teeth normally, I dip my wet toothbrush in a box of BAKING SODA and brush my teeth again with that. When you first do this, you will notice that the baking soda is very bitter. You will eventually get use to it and it won’t seem that bad. The baking soda works WONDERS on your teeth! Have you ever heard of the definition “squeaky clean”? Your toothbrush will actually start to “squeak” on your super clean teeth after using this method!- FOR REAL! 🙂 Unknown You know that awesome super polished feeling you have when you leave a cleaning at the dentists office? Adding the baking soda step gives you that exact same feeling! PLUS, it really whitens your teeth, find more info here. You can typically find a box of baking soda at the grocery store for around $1 and it will last you 4-6 months! Of course it’s important to use floss and mouthwash too for overall tooth maintenance, but the two step process of paste plus baking soda covers the whitening process! This is by far the CHEAPEST tip I use! If you have a dollar, you can give it a try! I’ll warn you though, once you’ve experienced your teeth feeling THIS clean- there is no going back!! Enjoy! XO Pam www.cleanlifehappywife.com If you would like to receive more posts like this, simply click the blue “follow” button at the top right hand side of the screen.

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