Totally Two Faced

One of my favourite parts of my daily routine is washing my face! I find it really relaxing and a great way to unwind at the end of a busy day! It’s also a great way to start the day feeling fresh and rejuvenated! Because I enjoy this daily ritual so much, I have developed a little routine that involves different cleansers, toners and cream. This morning as I was using two of my favourite products and I thought “I should really share this!” Your skin will look so fresh and bright after using these products and your skin will FEEL incredible! It will be sooooo soft and smooth! Dare I say….”like a baby’s bottom!” 🙂

The first product I use in this two step process is from the company Arbonne. It is the FC5 Gentile Exfoliating Cream.
I usually use this every 3 days or so. I use this in addition to my daily cleanser. This cream is super gentile yet helps to eliminate dry dead skin! The first time I used this dynamic duo together I couldn’t believe the results after the very first use! I have been hooked ever since!


Now here is the real trick: I apply the Gentile Exfoliating Cream with a facial scrub brush. The two part combination of the exfoliating cream being applied WITH the soft scrubbing brush works wonders for your skin! You can find facial scrub brushes at almost any drug store and many different companies make them. The prices can range from $15-$300. I purchased mine at Target for $15 and I love it! I have never personally used any of the $300 ones so I cannot attest to the extra features another $285 will get you!

There is just something about this two part system that gets results unlike almost anything else I have ever used!

Here are a few links to some popular facial scrub brushes:

If this dry winter weather has taken a toll on your skin, and you are looking for a little “pick me up” then give this a try! I hope you love it as much as I do!

XO Pam

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