Chicken Chili


I tried this recipe at a friend’s and when my 2 year old gobbled it up, I knew I would have to try it at home!  For all of the people who say “I can’t cook”  THIS is the recipe for YOU! 🙂 It could NOT be any easier!!  It also makes enough for leftover which is so helpful for busy families! 


1 Chopped onion

2 Cups chopped celery 

1 Can drained chick peas

1 Can drained kidney beans

1 Can drained corn

2 Cans diced tomatoes

1 Can tomato paste

3 Boneless skinless chicken breast 

2 TBSP chili seasoning (I used the epicure chilli seasoning)

2 Cloves diced garlic (you could use garlic powder) 


Line the bottom of the crock pot with the chicken breast.  Add all of the other ingredients on top of the chicken breast.  Add chilli seasoning last.  Cook on low for 8 hrs or on high for 6.  When it is finished shred the chicken with a fork and mix well.  

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