A Belly Full of Christmas Jelly!

Tonight I was wrapping a few Christmas gifts that I have for my kids.  I am wrapping them now because I don’t have very good hiding spots for them and if they happen to stumble upon them, at least they won’t know what they are.  As I was wrapping I was remembering times as a child when I snooped at the gifts.  Believe it or not, I didn’t actually even think about peaking at our gifts until I was in high school, around grade 9.  My mother and father worked until 5:30 everyday so my older sister, younger brother and I were home by ourselves from 3:30-5:30 everyday after school.  My mother always took a lot of time and care beautifully wrapping the gifts.  Because of this, she would display them under the tree weeks before Christmas.  One afternoon after school my siblings and I were getting bored, and on that particular day the shiny packages were calling our names.  The three of us kneeled in front of the tree, reading the gift tags, seeing which ones were for us.  We were counting to see if we had an equal amount of gifts and trying to guess what was in each package based on it’s shape and size.  Then my older sister Corrina had an uncharacteristically sneaky idea.  “I bet I can neatly slice through the tape on the back of these with a steak knife”, she suggested.  The three of us grinned at each other as if saying “should we?” Before any of us could answer Corrina was running upstairs to the kitchen to get a knife and I was going through the desk drawer to find the roll of clear tape.  We all returned to the tree, supplies in hand.  We first opened one of Corrina’s.  I remember being nervous that one of my parents would burst through the door.  The risk was exhilarating!  One by one, my brother and I passed the gifts to my sister and she neatly sliced the tape on the back.  We peaked at every single gift and then carefully re-taped them and placed them back under the tree.  Our secret was safe- until Christmas morning.  After we had each opened a few gifts my Mother quickly figured out what we had done as our reactions or rather lack of reactions to the gifts was a dead give away.  My poor Mother! How anti-climatic that Christmas morning must have been for her.  The following year my Mother was determined to outsmart her mischievous children.  She still wrapped the gifts and placed them under the tree weeks before Christmas, but this year, she didn’t put ANY tags on ANY of the gifts and she was heavy handed with the tape.  Each day after school we would look at the gifts under the tree, with no clue as to who’s was who’s.  How would my parents know Christmas morning what was in each package? One afternoon as we were watching television by the Christmas tree my sister shot straight up in her seat, “I’ve got it!” She shouted out loud.  She ran to the tree grinning from ear to ear.  “I’ve figured out how Mom coded the gifts!  My brother and I rushed to her side ready to hear her theory.  “Look” she said as she pointed at the gifts. “There are only 3 different coloured bows on all of the gifts.  I bet the red ones are for me, the gold ones are for Pammie and the green ones are for Steven!”  It was actually a good theory.  Up to the kitchen we ran again, after all, we HAD to test her theory and see if she was right!  Once again we sat in front of the tree carefully slicing the gifts and sure enough my sister was right.  All of the red bows were hers, the gold were mine and the green were my brothers. (This is why we call my sister Nancy Drew)  Needless to say, that was the last year my mother put the gifts under the tree prior to Christmas morning! 🙂

As I’ve shared in previous posts I’ve had some frustration lately with the slow down in progress I am making in restoring my body to health! I’ve finally reached the 70lb mark, which is an awesome goal reached.  I’m finally out of the 200’s! (for some reason, that was a big goal for me) And, I re-took a health physical that was required for insurance.  I failed that test last June and was denied insurance because according to my blood work, my blood pressure and weight put me in an “at risk” category for stroke or heart attack which made me start using supplements I discovered thanks to healthcare guys.  (terrible- I know!) I re-took the test last month and passed! All of my numbers were good and out of the “at risk” category.  Still, I have about 30lbs more to lose and have been feeling a little frustrated.  This last 30lbs is really hanging on! After I was complaining to my Mother, (Mom’s are the best for that right?) she told me she thought I needed a little perspective.  She sent me these two pics side by side.



The top picture is of me last year at my birthday and the bottom picture is from a wedding we were at this past weekend.

I know I am a person who places high expectations on things.  I can hold especially high expectations of myself.  I’m trying to re-focus to where I’ve come from instead of focussing so much on where I still need to be.  I know I will reach my final goal, but i just need to be patient and not forget what’s already been accomplished.

Any positive change you are making is beneficial!  You don’t have to be instantly perfect in your journey! It’s ok to have little set backs, or get stuck here and there.  Just keep at it! Don’t give up!  Force those thoughts of frustration out of your head and encourage yourself with the progress you’ve made!


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  1. Thank You so much for writing about your sneaky christmas’ past and of your year’s accomplishment. I’ve been learning to be content in what i have and taking my weight issues 1 day at a time. As I can’t physically excersize (due to a herniated disc) I’m trying some natural fat killing pills (natural of course). Hopefully I can reach my goal within a year too. Thank you for inspiring me to not give up!

  2. You’re doing incredible! And look awesome…and I bet you feel fantastic, too! So proud of you! You’re mom is a wise woman…..look at the journey you’ve been on, and how far you’ve come….amazing! Xx

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