The dreaded “P” word….


My husband and I took a family trip with our 2 children to Europe last month.  While we were in France we surprised our kids with a day trip to Euro Disney in Paris. We were having a blast with the kids going from ride to ride.  My kids wanted to go to the Disney Cars ride which is sort of like a bumper car ride.  As we excitedly approached the line, a Disney ride attendant pulled me aside and said “excuse me ma’m, but you can’t go on this ride”. I stopped abruptly and looked at the attendant with confusion “Oh… why not” I replied.  “Well, you are pregnant right?  Women who are pregnant can’t ride this specific ride”.  I stood there stunned.   I’m not sure what kind of sour contortion appeared on my face, but he seemed to realize his mistake right away.  “Oh, are you not pregnant?” he questioned. I shook my head “no”. “I’m so sorry!” He replied as he waved me toward the line. “Go ahead”.  I tried to just shake it off and enjoy the ride, but I felt slightly humiliated.  

Sometimes being in the middle of your ultimate goal can be a frustrating place to be.  On one hand, you feel good about the progress that has been made, but you’re also not exactly where you want to be either.  As soon as we arrived home from our trip I messaged my trainer Keith.  I told him that I would up my workouts to private sessions or alter my diet, or do whatever you told me to do to focus on my middle section and burn that faux baby belly right off! He responded to me promptly with 3 words:

“Just be patient”

Be patient?  That is NOT what I wanted to hear.  He then reminded me that I have been working hard, eating right and making healthy changes.  The extra weight WILL come off. Your body WILL continue to change.  Keep making one healthy choice after the next and be PATIENT!    

We are back home and it feels so great to be back into routine of going to the gym and enjoying healthy meals.  If you are like me and are somewhere in the middle of your journey, I just want to encourage you today to just be patient! Keep going!  Keep doing what has worked for you and has brought positive change!  Remember that there is no real quick fix.  The best results will come from making one good choice after the next each day!
XO, Pam

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  1. I wanted to share with you one of my stories. One night about 8 years ago, after having just moved back to my hometown, me and my hubby got invited to a get together. Now I’m not a particularly big girl, but I do have a little belly. While trying on my new dress I thought “hmm, I don’t know you can kind of see my belly, maybe I should wear something else” but since I am usually my own worst critic I decided to ask my husband. I know usually “Do I look fat in this?” is a trick question, but I was sincerely looking for an honest answer. “No, you look great!” he assured me. OK, I just shrugged my earlier worries off as my being overly critical of myself and took his word for it. I looked good. We went to party, I mingled, caught up with old friends I hadn’t seen in years, had a great time, all the while thinking I was looking good in my new dress. About five minutes after arriving home that night my phone rang, it was my sister. “Are you pregnant?” she asks me.

    Stunned I replied “No, why?”

    “Well, a bunch of people at the party were asking me if you were pregnant and I said no, I don’t think so, but then I was looking at you and kind of wondering if you are, and I just figured oh screw it, we’re sisters, I can ask. So you’re not pregnant?” came her response.

    I was crushed. I felt completely humiliated.

    The point of this story is that you do get over these things, and just learn to laugh at yourself.

  2. Thank you.

    I’m not even starting my journey, but I have a long one ahead. I have been reading your blog and every day I say I’m ready and I fail.

    Thank you for sharing and being so open. I too have receantly been asked if I was pregnant. And I’ve gained some weight over a stressful semester.

    I was wondering if you would be willing to talk about how you handle breakfast? Thats always a hard one for me!

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