Clean Living Travel Tips

Clean Living Travel Tips
Some of my greatest memories from my childhood are of the annual family vacations we would take. Once we actually arrived at our destination, it was alway fun- but getting there could be a challenge. I’m talking about the good old days before the invention of GPS,Smart phones, portable games systems and dvd players. One missed turn could set us back hours as my mother would spread the roadmap across the dash board and my father would make one sharp turn after the next trying to get us back on course. It was usually at this point that my sister and I would start to turn green. I remember that horrible nauseous feeling that only a person who struggles with chronic motion sickness can identify with. I would swallow hard trying to push down the inevitable…but…one of us would finally call out “I’m going to be sick!”

That would usually evoke an “Oh NO!”  from my Dad as he raced to pull over flinging the van down open so that my sister and I could topple out onto the side of the road. This would usually start a chain reaction where both my sister and I would be vomiting as well as my mother and even our dog Murphy would join in on the side-of-the road barf fest. My mother would mercifully sedate my sister and I with gravol, and pass us ginger ale and saltine crackers so that we could endure the remainder of the trip.

My husband and I are going on a trip to Europe with our 5 year old and 2 year old.  Crazy?  We might be….  My greatest concern is the 8 hour plane ride.  We’ve travelled quite a bit with both of our kids since they were babies, but this is the furthest we have taken them.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I really believe that being prepared and making a plan makes all the difference! I’ve learned some tips and trips along the way and thought I should share!

Tip #1- Kid’s Plane Packs
Like I mentioned before, I am nervous about the long plane ride. Especially with my 2 year old son. Like most 2 year old boys, he is not a fan of sitting quietly for long periods of time. Along with loading up our iPad with his favourite shows and movies, I also made activity backpacks for each of my kids. I purchased little toys (you can Check for fort building Kits) and games from the dollar store and wrapped them. Each “surprise” is marked with an opening time (ex. Hour 1, Hour 2, Hour 3, etc) At the start of each hour on the plane they will be given a special package to open with something to do inside. This keeps the flight exciting for them and gives them something to look forward to as well as helps to keep them busy. My mother did this for us when we were kids travelling and I LOVED it!
Some examples of things I put in the packages are:
-Sticker books
– Colouring books
– Small puzzle
– Small lego kit
– Kinder egg
– Small cars

If you wander up and down the aisle in the dollar store you will be amazed at what you find!

I also buy the snack size Ziploc bags and fill them with pretzels, crackers, cut up fruit, raisins, cookies, etc and stick them in their backpacks too! A hungry child is a grumpy child and you don’t want to be counting on the snacks in the airplane to fill them up!

Tip #2- The ZIP AND SHIP method.
This method of packing was introduced to me by watching this link

and has since been perfected by my sister. I love this method for many reasons!

The Method:
– Purchase large Ziploc bags
– Go through your closet and drawers and decide which outfits you will need for your trip and put each outfit into a pile. For example, if you are going on a 7 day trip, make 7 piles on on your floor- one for each day. In each pile you should have the top and bottom you will be wearing, a pair of socks, a pair of underwear and any accessories you will need for the outfit. (jewellery, belt, ect)
-Label each ziploc bag with a sharpie with the date the outfit will be worn.
– Put each outfit into a designated bag.
-Squeeze the air out of the bag and zip it up.
– That’s it! Easy Peasy!
In the suitcase pictured below there are:
14 Shirts
14 Pants
4 Pairs of shoes
14 underwear and socks
2 packs diapers
1 pack wipes
2 hats and mittens set
8 Sets of pyjamas
And as you can see, there is still LOTS of room in the suitcase for more!
– You will be AMAZED at how much more you can fit in your suitcase this way! I am convinced that this is THE MOST efficient way to pack!
– You don’t have to worry about anything spilling or leaking in your suitcases since everything is individually packaged.
– You don’t waste any space in your suitcase packing things you don’t need or won’t use. Everything you pack has a purpose!
– It makes getting ready once you arrive at your destination completely mindless!
– It’s husband proof!:) On those busy mornings trying to get out of your hotel room, just give your husband a child, the bag marked with that date, and he has everything he needs to fully dress your child! Question and confusion free! :o)

Tip #3 Snack Packs!
I’ll let you in on a little secret! I am a little nervous about all of the fresh pastries in France! I have not travelled since switching to clean eating and I am a little nervous about being able to find foods that I can eat. I’ve tried to think ahead a little- a least for snacks. I’ve baked a few of my clean favourites; banana bread, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and pumpkin muffins I’ll be packing these and bringing them along!

Hopefully these tips make travelling a little easier!
XO, Pam

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  1. These are some really great tips, Pam! I love it that you wrapped each item individually for the kid’s plane packs. And the zipper bags are genius. Going to use that one, for sure. 🙂

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