Public humiliation and the changes it brings

Public humiliation and the changes it brings…
The first time I tried a group exercise class was when I was 20. My friend Shannon had a membership at a gym in town and had started attending some of the exercise classes.  She asked me to go to one of the classes with her one night and I agreed; it sounded like fun.  When we arrived, it was just like I had imagined it would be.  The instructor was young, looked like exercise barbie and was really “peppy”.  Most of the other ladies were pretty fit and decked out in the latest workout gear.  I was relieved when Shannon suggested we find a spot in the back of the room as I was beginning to feel nervous.  The dance remix music started and the instructor began quickly calling out moves.  Right from the start, I was consistently 2-3 steps behind everyone else.   I then realized that there was actually no advantage to standing in the back of the class because the wall we were facing was a giant mirror.  Everyone else in the class could see every clumsy, un-cordinated step I took. Shannon and I couldn’t help but giggle- I was struggling and looked ridiculous.  The instructor brought out weighted poles and handed one to each of us.  She then demonstrated how we were to place the bar at the back of our neck and weave our arms around the bar. Once we were all in position, she instructed us to squat holding the bar.  In my haste to wrap my arms around the bar, I didn’t realize that it was lopsided.  As I attempted my first squat, the lopsided weighted bar caused me to lose my balance.  I toppled backwards onto the hardwood floor, the bar making a loud crashing noise!  The instructor quickly stopped the music and rushed over to see if I was “okay”. I was on my back, flailing around on the floor like a fish out of water, trying to unpin my arms from around the metal bar.  With the instructors help, I was able to free myself and stand up.  As soon as I looked at Shannon we both burst into hysterical laughing; the kind where you laugh so hard you don’t make a sound and your shoulders just shake.  The other woman in the class did not look impressed.  We decided to call it a night and skip out on the class a few minutes early.  We could not stop laughing!  The class had been a complete disaster!  It would be 11 years before I would attempt a group exercise class again!  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I go to classes at the “U can B fit” gym and I love it! (I’m still clumsy and un-coordinated, but I’m slowly getting the hang of it!)  

The great thing about taking classes is that you learn exercises that you can do at home too!  My 2 year old son asks me every night to lay with him as he is falling asleep.  Because he is in a toddler bed, there isn’t room to lay in the bed with him so I use to just lay on the floor beside him.  Now, instead of just laying there for 15-20 minutes, I use that time to do some core strengthening exercises.  Last night I did sit ups, push ups, plank, and leg raises all while helping my son fall asleep.  Life can be busy!  Sometimes you have to be creative in how you can fit in time for a little workout!  Can you think of a time during the day when you could do double duty and squeeze in a little exercise at the same time? 🙂 Could you do some leg raises at your desk, or some sit ups during a TV show?   

I truly believe that making positive changes one small step at a time is the best way to achieve success!!

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XO, Pam

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