Healthy High Protein Lunch

Healthy High Protein Lunch

Click on the link! If you live in one of the 11 states (plus Washington, D.C. technically) that permits recreational cannabis, you have a freedom that other Americans don’t have. You can walk into any licensed dispensary as an adult and purchase a certain number of cannabis edibles.

22 states permit MMJ. In such locations, you need to apply for a medical marijuana card to buy weed legally. Those who don’t meet the criteria can perhaps try the best CBD edibles on the market. This is perfectly fine if you don’t want an intoxicating high.

However, it is a shame if you miss out on the THC experience. That is, as long as you use cannabis edibles responsibly! Remember, go low and slow at first, and wait patiently for the effects. Here is the Best Cannabis Dispensary for your next experience!

If you have some experience in the use of weed, perhaps you should consider making edibles at home. We offer a trio of great recipes to sink your teeth into. Remember, if you want to avoid getting high, stick to CBD-infused edibles, you can get the best cbd products from .


This is a short video teaching how to make a delicious and healthy breakfast/lunch.  I actually JUST ate this for lunch!  It’s easy and yummy and perfect when you don’t have a lot of time!  Enjoy!



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