What’s the Plan Man?


The first year that my husband and I were married we decided to take a trip to New York City at Christmastime. I was really excited about this trip! We booked our plane tickets and booked a hotel in New Jersey that ran a shuttle into the city each day so that we could save big money on hotel costs. We had a late flight that landed at the airport in New York around midnight. Once we had landed and retrieved our luggage, we realized that we had overlooked planning a very important detail. We did not plan how we would get from the airport in the city to our hotel in New Jersey. At first we weren’t very concerned, after all, we were in New York City; how hard could it be to catch a cab? We took a shuttle from the airport into the city and started to try to hail a cab. It seemed as if everyone else in the city had that exact same thought, and hailing a cab was becoming much harder than we had anticipated. We started walking from street to street in the freezing winter snow, pulling our luggage. By this point it was 1am and we were exhausted, frustrated and freezing (not a great combination). My poor husband spent the next hour trying to convince a cab driver to take us to our hotel, but none of the drivers wanted to leave the city and make the trek to New Jersey. Finally, around 2am we decided to just get a hotel room in the city for the night and check into our hotel in New Jersey in the morning. Have you ever been to New York City at Christmastime?! It is crazy busy! We walked from hotel to hotel trying to find a hotel with vacancies. I was starting to feel like Mary in Bethlehem there was just no room at the Inn. “I don’t think I can do this anymore” I squeaked out to my husband. It was now 3am-my feet were frozen and wet, I couldn’t feel my toes, I was exhausted. “Let’s just try one more” my husband replied. I half consciously stumbled up the hotel stairs, into the revolving door, and into the hotel lobby. My husband asked once again, if they had any available rooms. The receptionist clicked away on her key board and then replied “yes, we have a room available…” “Did she just say YES?!!” I could suddenly hear Handel’s Messiah Christmas chorus playing in my head. “Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!” My husband then asked the cost of the room. “It’ll be $450.00” she confidently replied. My husband and I looked at each other. I didn’t say a word. My husband gulped slowly, “We’ll take it”. We stayed the night in that hotel and then caught the bus to New Jersey the next morning. Because of our lack of planning, we blew through most of our spending money on that hotel room that first night! šŸ™

At the start of every new year in highschool each student received an agenda. On the cover of the agenda it always read “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail“.  Making an efficient plan and sticking to it can really be life changing!!  I’ve learned (often times the hard way) these past few months that sticking to an organized plan is crucial to my success.  

Life is so busy right?  I have people ask me all the time “How are you doing this? Aren’t you too busy?” and truthfully there isn’t really a simple answer.  Over the past few months, little by little, I have implemented many different plans and strategies to promote healthy lifestyle changes in my family. As I mentioned in my previous blog http://cleanlifehappywife.wordpress.com/2013/09/04/fat-so-on-the-loose/, I’ve tried to make a new “plan” one small step at a time. One of the really practical plans I’ve been doing lately is taking 20-30 mins one day each week washing and chopping fruit and veggies and putting them into containers in the fridge. I will also spend an hour or so once every few weeks and bake healthy muffins and cookies and other “snackie” type foods and then put them in the freezer.
Don’t you find the times you have a “weak moment” are the times when you are tired or in a rush and there is no plan? What do we do in those moments? We just grab the quickest (often unhealthy) thing we can find and eat it! Or, we can’t ever seem to squeeze in a workout because we do not plan to block that time off and instead fill it with other things. It can “feel” like we don’t have time to workout, but really, we just have not planned a time to workout.

I encourage you this week to actually take a minute, sit down, and write out a simple plan that you can begin to follow. Whether it’s a time to workout or a meal plan of healthy meals for the week, try to incorporate one new planned healthy change you can focus on this week!


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