A Goal WIthout A Plan Is Just A Wish

 Image I find myself sitting at home eating my lunch, and daydreaming about how amazing it would be to find a “quick fix.”  Wouldn’t it be great if there really was a diet pill you could take, or diet plan where you really can eat whatever you want?   Aren’t we all secretly hoping for that?  Although there is no secret diet or magic pill we can take, our weightless success and failure is a direct reflection of what we put into our mouth.  As someone who LOVES and often craves junk food, this was a hard fact to come to terms with.  Do we really just have to be disciplined and work hard?  Really?  That’s the answer?  Well, that’s not fun or exciting at all, is it?! 



This chart is an excellent reminder of the importance of healthy food choices!  If you have had a hard workout- please do not reward yourself with a cookie!  😉 The food we eat REALLY matters!  Unless you can regularity and consistently eat only healthy, nutritious foods, you just are not going to see the results you want to see- even if you are killing yourself at the gym! One of the things that can make choosing healthy options difficult are those annoying and overpowering cravings!!  I’ve found that learning as much as I can about food and nutrition and the way our body responds to food has really helped me.  I’ve tried to focus on learning the “WHY”.  “WHY” shouldn’t we eat certain things and “WHY” does our body need other things?  I use this chart to help me diagnos my cravings and work to combat them in a healthy way- and you know what??? It really works! I also do not buy any “treats” or unhealthy snacks.  I try to plan ahead to those late nights when I am tired and watching a movie and craving something sweet or salty (or lets be honest, both!)  If it’s not in the house, I can reach for it in a moment of weakness!  In conjunction with that, I try to keep my favourite fruits, veggies and heathy snacks on hand so that it is easier to make good choices. 


  As we start to settle into the season of “comfort food” and hiding in bulky sweaters, I just want to encourage you to refocus on your goals.  Never stop learning about your health and your body!  Let’s work together to make the choices that are the healthiest for our body!  Make those tough choices!  The results are sooooo rewarding!!! I know you CAN do it! 



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