Sweating In Public, Dodging Fly Balls, And Other Ridiculous Excuses


Along with the beautiful summer weather comes all of the “fun” sporting activities.  I’ve always liked sports as much as a person who is athletically challenged can.  When I was a child, my parents enrolled me in summer baseball.  I loved the idea of playing baseball, but was terrified of the ball.  When you dive out of the batters box at every pitch and dodge every ball hit to you, it really affects your ability to succeed at the sport.  Every night driving to the game I would feel a knot forming in my stomach.  On top of that, I absolutely detest sweating and even worse is sweating in PUBLIC!  So as you can imagine, running around any type of sporting field in the summer heat was never my idea of a “good time.” Being athletic and working out just wasn’t for me. I had a lot of really great excuses for not exercising:  I’m really out of shape, I’m not athletic,  I am not coordinated, I don’t like sweating, and I’m really busy with 2 young kids……it’s just too hard you see……

Well, that was until 2 great friends Lynda and Becky talked me into joining a “bootcamp” style gym with them.  When they asked me to do it my lips were saying “sure…” but my head was screaming “NO way! You are too out of shape! You’re going to embarrass yourself! You are not even co-ordinated enough to do this! Plus, remember the sweating thing?!!!”

The morning of the first class arrived and I woke up hoping I was feeling sick so that I could get out of going. No such luck.  When I stepped out of my car in the gym parking lot, I wanted to run!  Just as I was scoping out my exit plan, Lynda burst through the doors and welcomed me in.  “Oh great” I thought “let the humiliation begin”.  I think my legs were actually shaking and I had a huge knot in my stomach.  I actually surprised myself with how nervous I was!

After the registration, the class began and it started off with a bang!  After what seemed like an eternity and I was absolutely exhausted and gasping for air, I heard the trainer say the words I was longing to hear: “OK ladies we are finished!” 
“Oh thank goodness” I thought “It’s finally over! I made it!”           
Just as I was heading for the door he uttered 3 horrifying words……
I’m sorry…..WHAT?!! Did he just say “Ok ladies we are finished the WARM UP”?!!  I could instantly feel my eyes welling up with tears.  I took a deep breath and quickly blinked my eyes. I can’t do this! I can’t do this! I can’t do this! I was starting to panic a little.  I was not going to cry here. Not over this.  Not in front of all of these people.  I grabbed a sip of water and took my spot back on the floor and finished the 45 minute class. 

I can hardly remember walking out to my car.  I was pretty sure I was going to faint and had to sit in my car for 20 minutes before I felt confident that I could make the drive home.

The next morning was interesting! I could NOT move!  Every and I mean EVERY inch of my body was in pain. I thought to myself how ridiculous this was and that I was never going back.  I was a busy person.  I had 2 young kids to look after.  I didn’t have time for this nonsense!

Thank God for good friends.  Becky talked me down and assured me that I would feel better in a few days and that each class would get easier and easier. You know what?!  She was absolutely right!  I’ve been going now for 6 weeks and I actually enjoy and look forward to it! I’m amazed at how much progress I’ve made in such a sort time!

So in case you don’t have a “Becky” or a “Lynda” in your life let ME encourage you to get out there and work out!  You CAN do it!  Yes, it will be difficult at first, but PUSH THROUGH! Don’t give up!! Every day you will get stronger!  Every minute counts!

For those of you in the Niagara Area I HIGHLY recommend The “U Can B Fit” Bootcamp class! It is where I work out and have had tremendous success! The trainers are very encouraging and are excellent with helping beginners.  If you are in the Niagara Area and would like a free 2 day trial pass, just message me and I can get one to you! 🙂


Check out their website!


Why not make it your goal to start moving more this week?!! I would love to see you at the gym! It’s a great place to start!



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  1. I remember just over a year ago I started going to a fitness class. I didn’t know anyone and we were working out outside at Lock 3. So I gave it my all, ran, walked, crawled up 75 stairs and proceeded to puke my guts out!! The next day I actually couldn’t sit to pee, it hurt too much!!! But that too passed and the following week I was back, to everyone’s surprise (they really thought I would not be back) and have been going twice a week when my shift work allows ever since. 🙂

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